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Don’t leave it to the last minute, prepare your Will as soon as you can!

Wills, Estates & Probates and Estate Planning

Halfpennys has been helping Darwin families prepare for the future for more than four decades.

This area of law is managed by the firm’s principal, Richard Henschke, and involves two things:

  • Wills — a document that outlines what happens to someone’s assets (their ‘estate’) when they die.

  • Probate — the process of administering someone’s estate in accordance with their will.

We will help you put together a Will with clear instructions on what you’d like to happen after you pass away.

Our estate planning process is detailed and specific. Few people only have a house and a bank account these days. We help you get detailed and specific on exactly what you want to go where.

For example, if you know you want your engagement ring to go to your daughter and your wedding ring to go to your daughter-in-law—put it in your Will. This sort of detail can save your loved ones, further stress when you’re gone.

There’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ family anymore, especially in Darwin.

We deal with the complexities of blended families and families from different cultural backgrounds. Over more than 30 years, we’ve developed a strong Greek, Italian and Chinese client base. We intimately understand the belief systems of these cultural groups and respectfully tailor our Wills and probate advice for each of them.

Developing a legally binding Will is an important job for everyone to tick off their list. If you pass away and you don’t have one, you’ll get the Will the government gives you.

We can:

  • put together a legally binding Will that clearly outlines your instructions

  • set up family and testamentary trusts

  • advise you about the NT’s estate and probate laws

  • advise you about choosing executors and powers of attorney

  • safely store your Will and other important legal documents

Whether you have few assets or many, a large family or none at all, a legally binding Will will give you peace of mind now. Contact us to get the ball rolling.

Richard is a member of the Law Council of Australia Elder and Succession Law Committee.

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