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We tailor leases for landlord & tenant clients

Retail & Commercial Leases

One size rarely fits all when it comes to commercial leases, which is why we never use the generic lease templates other firms rely on.

Richard Henschke, Halfpennys’ principal and a commercial practitioner of more than 40 years, practises what’s a bit of a ‘dark art’ in the realm of leasing these days — he drafts the lease terms so the document fits the transaction, without a template in sight.

Consider this common example.

  • A landlord asks a lawyer to draft up a lease. The landlord has agreed with the tenant that he, the landlord, will install the bathroom with a toilet, the ceiling and the air conditioning.

  • Terms like those make it onto many commercial leases just like that all the time. But Richard’s four decades of commercial lease preparation experience has taught him to ask his client some questions.

  • Over what period of time will you do those things? Before the lease begins? Within 60 days of the lease beginning? Do you have plans drawn up? Who’s responsible for certification?

Putting the nuts and bolts around things so the lease works for our client and covers him if issues arise is something, we pride ourselves on. Being a small firm, we can pay attention to those details. Our drafting skills have helped us identify countless issues-in-waiting over the years, and these skills set us apart from other firms.

Halfpennys acts for both landlords and tenants in Darwin leasing, from tiny corner shops to large government and corporate clients.

We prepare lease documents that comply with the Business Tenancies (Fair Dealings) Act with clear terms to fit your situation.

And we get it done quickly, so landlords can start earning rent or tenants can start earning a living.

Are you a landlord or a tenant that needs help drafting or deciphering a commercial lease? Contact us for legal advice tailored to you.

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