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Do you want to make a workers' compensation claim? Book your free consultation!

Workers' Compensation

Have you been injured at work, on your way to or from work or when travelling for work? Was your workers’ compensation claim refused or have your benefits been reduced? Or are you being paid less than you were before you were injured?

Acting for Territory employees in workers’ compensation claims makes up 95 percent of Halfpennys’ principal Cathy Spurr’s practice.

We act for any Northern Territory worker in any industry. We also act for many of the unions that are active in the Northern Territory.

At Halfpennys, the first interview for any workers’ compensation matter is free of charge.

Under Territory legislation, there are strict time limits around lodging workers’ compensation claims. So if you’ve been injured at work or want to check if you’re getting everything you’re entitled to, please contact us.

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